Gwen Unger

Nov 2020

I really enjoyed being in Professor Unger's class - it isn't an overload of work, but it also isn't a class where you can just check out and not bother to participate/do the readings. Gwen really emphasized participation and engagement with the work, so even though I didn't come into the course with knowledge of visual art, I did really well just by keeping up with the readings and offering points during class discussions. She focused the course assessments more on writing than on testing memorization of details, which I personally liked. It made the course more about understanding than about regurgitating information. She also focused on portraiture in South America for her Ph.D. so she subs in cool works from outside the standard syllabus.

Sep 2020

Professor Unger was amazing for Art Hum, chooses the most interesting things to focus on in the curriculum. She does a great job of focusing on the big picture ideas and doesn't get tied down with having us memorize small details.