Talha Siddiqui

Dec 2020

She is very good about answering most questions and is very quick to respond to an email. Her lectures are also easy to follow and well explained. The main issue with this course is how unclear the grading is. Fairly often you will get points marked off on a lab report, even if you followed the guidelines to a T, because the TAs get a separate rubric that almost always has more expectations. This is also the case for the Post-Labs.

Apr 2019

Dear lord give you strength if you decide to take orgo lab with this woman. I would avoid her at all costs. Her expectations for the class are not clear at all. She will give you guidelines to use for your lab reports, but she gives the TAs a separate rubric and you'll end up getting points deducted for things you didn't know you had to include in your report. What put me off most about her is her disrespect for students and terrible attitude. She is not approachable when it comes to asking questions and will make you feel stupid for asking any questions. She definitely knows her material well, but seems like she really hates working with students because she has no patience for answering questions or making her expectations more clear.