Edward Baron Turk

Apr 2019

It was a joy to be in Professor Turk's class. He is an accomplished film scholar and author, and he generously brings his insight and experience into class discussion. This was a seminar so he did let students do most of the talking (and rightly so), but every once in a while he would interject with something interesting or to make us rethink our initial reactions to the films. This course focused on the filmography of French actress and director Jeanne Moreau, and his deep respect and admiration for Moreau was abundantly clear, but he never let his personal opinions dictate the opinions of his students. He is very understanding and fair regarding extenuating circumstances (if you need an extension, he'll usually give it, unless he gives a blanket extension for the class). He even prints out the weekly readings for the entire class so we don't have to guzzle our print quota. Prof. Turk's seminar was the highlight of my week that term and I hope I can take another seminar with him again before I graduate (he spends half the year in Paris so he's only available for teaching in the fall, and he only teaches seminars because he hates how impersonal large lectures can be). If you are lucky enough to get a place in one of his classes, you'd be a fool not to take it!