Vanessa Agard-Jones

Dec 2020

I took this class to fulfill a major requirement (not anthro) because the professor and class came highly recommended. While Professor AJ is super sweet and a good lecturer, I personally didn't find the content interesting. The weekly readings were super long and dense. We spent a considerable portion of the semester focusing on the histories of past anthropologists like another reviewer said, which I guess is important to our understanding of the discipline, but I wasn't expecting that going into it. Also, my TA did a bad job of facilitating discussion. The museum essays were fun to write, though!

Apr 2020

If you're taking this class because you think it will be a fun and interesting one to fulfill your foundations requirements. Don't. Only take this class if you are genuinely interested because there is a huge workload that is not enjoyable if you don't genuinely like cultural anthropology. The class is structured well and the TAs are very nice. Professor AJ is a good lecturer but I personally would not take this class again because of how time consuming it was considering that I have no plans on going into this field at all. This class is a lot of work considering its at the introductory level. The actual content of the class is mainly the history of anthropology. So you just have to read a bunch of work by racist old white dudes for at least a month or two before you actually get into reading modern ethnographies.

Mar 2019

Professor AJ is phenomenal for this course. She is thorough in her lectures, and they pair perfectly with all her assigned readings. While she assigns a heavy workload of reading, they are all clearly well thought out and relevant to her lectures. She is engaging to listen to, and thus a great professor for an introductory level course. Highly recommend!