Joseph Albernaz

Nov 2020

Solid professor for LitHum. Accommodating and leads a good class discussion. Offers feedback in class on paper outlines and encourages pre-paper topic peer review. Provides creative options for paper assignments. Brings dynamic and contemporary methods and examples to the class. On a whole, kind, engaged, and accessible professor.

May 2020

He is very, very passionate about what he is teaching and also very knowledgeable. His discussions are engaging and he's also funny and a very chill guy. He brought in donuts one time and bought us all coffee at Joe's another time because we were acting sleepy in class. He's a good teacher for someone who really wants to participate and he values this highly. He brings a unique approach to lit hum by having us listen to parts of the texts in their original languages to hear what they sound like or having us act out scenes from the books. The comments the other reviews have made about grading are true, it is rather vague. However, the essays are not too hard once you understand what he's looking for which he's always willing to help with in office hours. He once told me that the key to getting an A on his papers is close reading and making an arguable point. Which I found to be true, I went from a B- on the first paper to an A- on the second one. It's better to over-do it on the close reading than under-do it in his class. He also has creative project options for people who wants to interact with the texts more creatively than a paper. I really enjoyed my Lit Hum experience with him and would highly recommend him for those who are super excited for this course and want a professor who will match that level of enthusiasm.

Jan 2019

Great professor, but needs to input grades. He has not put one grade the entire semester into Canvas so you have no idea where you stand until the final grade is released. Come on! Our GPA matters especially for a required course. His discussions are insightful but not knowing your grade until it is too late is unacceptable. It’s his 1st semester teaching so I’m sure he will improve. I’m grateful for what he taught me and how he pushed me to think beyond the words on the page but disappointing how he doesn’t input the grades. If you don’t mind left wondering how you’re 1st semester GPA will crater then take him.