Kanstantin Matetski

Dec 2020

AOP is a relatively easy course that is a survey of multi, linear algebra, and ODE with control theory and dynamic programming theory tacked on at the end of the semester. Professor Matetski is one of those "not great not terrible" professors. His lectures were basically writing out notes and examples, which were very organized and helpful. He did answer questions, but I wish there was a little more student engagement because I would often fall asleep during the Zoom class. I have no complaints about Professor Matetski and think that with some small adjustments to make lectures more engaging he could definitely be on his way to silver nugget status!

Dec 2018

This course is well designed, as it is possible to learn Calculus at this pace. But Professor Matetski is a very difficult professor to learn from. He is extremely dry, and he often fails to explain the material is a way anyone can understand. Thus, every student I talked to learned almost the entire body of the material from the textbook. His problem sets are difficult and quite long. His first midterm was really hard, and his final was extremely difficult. If you are prepared to work hard, love math and a different professor is teaching this course, then this is the class for you.