Gerrard Bushell

Dec 2018

POLS UN3921.006 American Politics Cities, Government, and Politics Gerrard P. Bushell The Contemporary influences of American Cities in American Government and Politics What did you learn - in terms of knowledge, skills, or perspectives - in this course? --- Hospitals and Universities help the economic structure of urban cities. What is your overall assessment of the course? --Horribly structured. waste of my senior seminar. Structured as a lecture not a discussion. I still don't know anything about urban local governments I still can't even figure out the name of the course. What is your overall assessment of the course? -- POOR Would you recommend this course to another student? --Definitely not recommend Senior seminars are suppose to be like capstones. This class makes the political science department look bad. Not engaging, interesting or demonstrated what I have learned in my major. Please evaluate Gerrard Bushell. --Not engaging at all, could hardly hear him speak. Spoke in circles without making much sense. Would ask a question regarding one sentence from one paragraph and expect that we all know what he is referencing when we had to read an entire book. Literally ZERO direction in the final paper. No office Hours or TA to consult. I had to go to an old Poli-sci professor for direction and assistance on where to start with my final paper and proposal since he was no help. What is your overall assessment of the effectiveness of the instructor? --POOR