Mingcherng Deng

Aug 2018

Ming explains concepts very clearly. He uses slides (which he posts) and walks through examples with the class. He provides practice problems from a textbook for each chapter, and these are very helpful (read: necessary) in preparing for quizzes, although you do no have to turn them in. The quizzes and midterm were relatively easy, and averages tended to be in the 90s. However, he follows a strict grading curve (30-35% As, 35-45% Bs, 25-35% Cs), and the final exam was very hard in order to create greater distribution in the scores, so know everything for the final. Ming provides practice exams for the midterm and final which he goes over in class. Group projects are pretty light and useful for preparing for exams (most people received full credit). Overall, the course is well structured and Ming is a good teacher. However, he himself is very clear that in order to successfully learn accounting, you have to commit time to thoroughly completing the work and using all the resources he provides.