Rose Gibson

Jun 2018

I am writing this as I'm incredibly bored at work, to the point where I miss having classes and studying! Ridiculous... Anyway, Rose is the best TA on earth and I truly hope to see a telescope or satellite named after her by the time I reach 50. Our class had around 4 students so it was super fun. We got to use the telescope on the Pupin rooftop, learn about pseudoscience, and all sorts of other things that I do not remember. Rose is friendly, super approachable, and really cares about how you learn as a student (an awesome person in general!!!). My lab was from 7-10pm in the middle of the week but I actually looked forward to class~! Also, in case anyone's wondering about the subject: Intro astronomy classes do require you to have an understanding of math, but I would say that a high school background should be sufficient. I am a humanities major and I only faced some slight difficulties reacquainting myself with the -idea- and logic of math, and not the actual equations/formulas involved. They were quite simple though I don't think most professors chose to go into detail or explain their significance (for fear of confusing students), which occasionally made me feel like I was only given a superficial understanding of the content. Anyway, I think labs really help you to understand how to apply what you learn in lectures. They're exhausting but still, 10/10 would recommend!