Ralph Whyte

Aug 2020

TLDR; pretty easy, sometimes boring I enjoyed some of the subjects in this class even though Ralph is a little monotone -- to be fair, I also kinda checked out in quarantine. I will say having taken art hum before made this class more interesting since art hum taught me the historical context for the different periods in Western art. The work in this class is neither overwhelming nor difficult. I did maybe two readings for this class and did well (I think overall I would have gotten an A- or A, but I'll never really know because I got a P lol).

May 2018

This class was amazing! If you're interested in film or love music, take this class! It consisted of quite interesting film theory readings and watching a classic, entertaining film each week or twice a week! Workload was pretty light (during midterm season Ralph didn't even assume that we had done the readings) and the class discussions were very interesting. I also learned so much about the theories behind film music, which is a fascinating topic. If you want to write an analysis of your favorite movie scene, this class is for you! Ralph Whyte was also a great professor - approachable, a little cynical (most music grad students are) and passionate about the topic. Easy A class in my experience!