Holly Myers

Jan 2020

Professor Myers is the best! She is incredibly approachable and kind, and does her best to collaborate with her students- whether it is through class discussion or meetings about your papers. Her grading is very fair and reasonable, and she strives to make herself available for her students. The texts itself were very interesting and engaging. There were more Russian texts than I expected. (Not a bad thing at all, just unexpected! Should have predicted this given that Professor Myers has a PhD in Slavic Languages.) This class has helped to inform how I approach news articles, documentaries, historical fiction, etc. Highly recommend!

Dec 2019

Professor Myers is the most incredible human and thought provoking professor. She was so encouraging while still being challenging. She always understood if I needed an extension, she is super intentional in her grading, and she always lead the class in the most interesting discussions. I am seriously going to miss her. Fact Fiction and Truth has developed my writing and analytical skills in drastic ways. I am constantly making connections with what we have learned and I was introduced to some of my favorite authors. I cannot say enough good things, please take this class. Or really any class with Professor Myers.

Apr 2018

This course has been one of the best investments I have made. I gained many skills that will help me navigate literature for the rest of my life. This course has guided me into the understanding of literary experiments, deep reading, analytical and critical thinking and how to connect novels of such vast interests. Holly was a dream as a professor. She follows the syllabus and will never add more work, if anything she will delete assigned reading off in order to continue important conversations on a specific piece. This course focused on looking at a novel from many different perspectives and asking yourself weather it is fact or indeed fiction. A lot of the time you will read over half of the book believe it is all real and in fact it will all be fiction. This course becomes frustrating when trying to identify the books purpose while reading, but then you will come into class and she will tell you her secrets of why it was assigned and all of the dots will become connected. These books were highly engaging, interesting and extremely fascinating (beside Daniel Stein....) I would recommend this course to anyone who is interested in literature...or fulfilling the requirement. Overall this course had a lot of strengths including an engaging reading list, an extremely educated professor, organization and realistic expectations. There isn't anything worse then a professor actually believing we will do all of the work. This course was designed knowing no one will do the reading if there is too much assigned. The professor did not lecture at you but sparked a conversation for the entire class to participate in-- hearing from everyone and knowing the entire class did the reading and has insight was amazing. Holly Myers was and continues to be a dream of a professor. During the semester she held individual meetings to discuss progress and understanding of the course. She went out of her way to make sure all students were engaging and participating. She assigned realistic expectations for the reading assignments and prepared super interesting mini lectures. Many classes she sat with us in the circle and sparked the conversation and directed it as a conversation rather than a lecture. Her teaching couldn't be improved much because she is honestly one of the best professors I have had the honor to learn under. This is my second course with Holly and I would recommend any course she teaches. She is effective and organized and extremely personable.