Baerbel Hoenisch

May 2020

I recommend this class for anyone looking to fill a science credit. The slideshows are easy to follow and provide most of the information you’ll need to complete assignments, and the class itself is very interesting. However, Professor Hoenisch likes to choose homework and exam questions that require deeper thinking. That’s the most difficult part of this class - you have to read every question carefully because she often makes trick questions. But overall, it was a very easy class.

May 2020

Professor Hönisch/Hoenisch really does a great job in teaching this introductory oceanography course! This class was an 8:40 class of students who largely didn't want to be in a science class at all (I know I was just trying to fulfill my science requirement with something easy) but her attendance really says a ton about how effective of a professor she was. The lecture hall was full every morning! She encouraged us to ask questions (and we asked some REALLY dumb questions sometimes) and never hesitated to go back over something we struggled to understand. She kept us engaged with anecdotes from her own research experiments and made sure we understood the true environmental stakes of everything we were learning. Although we were sent home due to coronavirus and missed what would have been a really fun climate change lab, she kept up with her exciting lectures online and encouraged us to finish the semester as best we could. Overall, a very wonderful professor and her oceanography course is great for those looking for an easy but fun science class. P.S. One time to teach us about bioluminescent algae, she brought in a sample and turned off the lights so we could see it glow for ourselves - that's the kind of dedication she has to her students!

Apr 2018

This class will honestly be the death of me, not because it's hard, but because I have never been in a sus dev class before where so few people know about sus dev. It's incredible. This class is pretty much a more in depth version of Science of Sus Dev into 3 different areas: bad ozone, ENSO, and CO2/ Climate change. As long as you pay attention in class it's pretty easy. Would definitely recommend for people who aren't great at hard math/science but need to fulfill the science requirement for the concentration. Also watching Baerbel get irritated at everyone's dumb questions is entertaining