Prahlad Routh

Jun 2018

Oh my god, oh my god, don't take his class. Don't get me wrong, Prof. Routh is a cool guy and I'd love to get beers and talk physics with him sometime. But this FroSci section is a total waste of time. You do absolutely nothing productive in class and have to spend the entire time doing inane activities while Routh awkwardly walks around monitoring. Routh is also totally useless at explaining concepts — ask him a question and he'll either misunderstand it and talk for ten minutes about something irrelevant or understand but struggle to form a coherent answer. Science people were constantly bored; humanities people were constantly confused. He doesn't offer breaks in class and really boring group presentations, in which no one else participates, are mandatory. The only plus is that homework is only graded for completion. But seriously, switch out if you can, which isn't to say you shouldn't take a higher-level class with him if you're a sciences major. The guy is obviously brilliant in his particular field, which is why he shouldn't be teaching this intro survey course.

Dec 2017

He really tries but GOOD LORD HE IS BAD. He does not have a great grasp on the Climate or Biodiversity and in discussion will say things that are objectively wrong. He also assigns so much extra work it's not even funny. SWITCH OUT IF YOU HAVE HIM ASAP!