Itsuki Hayashi

Dec 2017

I found Professor Hayashi's class, interesting, eye-opening, and informative. We ventured through approximately eight authors over the course of the semester. Meeting once a week and covering the material in class via student interpretations and discussion led by Professor Hayashi. He leads by posing questions and making observations, in this manner I found myself questioning long-held beliefs. Much to my benefit, he was happy to allow all of us to make as many mistakes as we needed as we stumbled along to understanding these works. Some of the readings were at times difficult to follow, typically due to neologisms. I learned to rely on some interpretations of the texts to eliminate or reduce the learning curve. He scored us on class participation and two papers, with the final paper worth 40% of the grade. He tended to grade on theory uptake more than on some of the minutia other professors focus on. I recommend him wholeheartedly, he is an excellent professor.