Rowland Moseley

Dec 2017

Absolutely fantastic! He really knows his stuff. He's also quite a bit more meticulous than previous professors I've had, but I don't think that hurts the class in any way. It's small things like keeping really careful track of time, but also putting a ridiculous amount of work into providing resources for everything: from class repertoire, to his own study/homework guides/analyses, to assignment structure, to generous submission feedback. He planned the class to align two of the central pieces we analysed with a New York Philharmonic performance that he organized a trip to. On the last day of class, he even got a living, breathing composer to come in to talk about their work! The syllabus is a little intimidating, what with the amount of content and the preface on his approach to the class (which is a little more formal than what I'm used to), but nonetheless he lectures and leads discussion with incredible humility, openness, and respect. This semester, he experimented a bit with daily exercises in ear training and basic theory/notation, which was a bit of a grind but definitely helpful for making the most out of class work. He's also extremely receptive to feedback about class or his teaching, to the point where many of our comments he incorporated into the structure of the final exam. Generally, he's more than happy to discuss or help with anything music/theory/class/pedagogy-related after class or through email, and I would highly recommend taking the opportunity to chat with him! This was my favourite theory class at Columbia, and I think it really made me grow as a musician.