Adam Tooze

Nov 2018

Tooze is a great professor. This class will teach you a lot, from 30 years war to WW2. Very eye-opening. Tooze is one of the most charismatic profs I met at Columbia (and I'm a senior) and he brings his dog to class sometimes.

Jan 2018

Tooze is the best history professor I've had at Columbia! His lectures are very engaging, funny and informative. I learned so much in the class on economic history and really loved the class. It could've been structured a bit better, but overall you can't complain because he is just a great lecturer and very nice. The workload is not heavy, and the midterms and finals are both very fair and pretty easy. Highly recommend!

Dec 2017

Great lecturer and a very interesting guy. Definitely super knowledgable about the subject and makes the lectures interesting. Also has a cute dog i saw on occasion.