Beth Berkowitz

Dec 2020

I would highly recommend taking this class! Professor Berkowitz is a great lecturer and I felt like she really tried to keep the lectures fun and engaging while we were on Zoom. I took this class without much background in Judaism and was still able to follow along (a few terms here and there weren't clear to me at first but I would just Google them). This course discusses Jewish history, culture, ethics, law, philosophy, Judaism and race, etc, and I thought it covered a really wide range of interesting topics. Normally, your assigned TA will grade your assignments, and Professor Berkowitz would grade a few students at random for each assignment (the prof actually graded both my midterm and exam, and the rest of the assignments were graded by my TA). Very generous grading - with some effort this course is super manageable and you can do well in it.

Dec 2017

Great course with a great teacher. Very broad course but still manages to make classes interesting and engage in thought-provoking lectures. Took this class as a practicing Jew and still learned a lot. But i also definitely think you can take this course with no background because she explains things really well.