Marnie Brady

Apr 2019

Methods for Social Research with Marnie Brady is easily the worst class I have taken at Columbia. After doing the absolutely ridiculous amount of reading assigned prior to the first assignment and finding that none of it was helpful or particularly relevant, I promptly gave up and only read when the TA's mentioned specific sections or readings that might be helpful. Based on my discussions with classmates when asked to discuss the readings or lecture content, no one read or paid much attention in lecture, and we were all able to have discussions based primarily on common sense. The only reason I bothered attending lectures was for the unannounced quizzes, all of which were easy to pass based on common sense and a vague understanding of what general research for any subject entails. I was never certain of what was expected in assignments, and instructions, due dates, and resources were difficult to find and comprehend. Marnie seemed disorganized and asked more questions than she gave answers. The assignments were easy, but again I found myself unsure of what exactly I was supposed to be doing. The content was exceedingly boring, and Marnie's teaching style and unenthusiastic lectures didn't help. The lectures also barely touched on what we actually needed to know in order to conduct our own research and analyze it for assignments. Professor Brady also assumed that we had all been doing extensive sociology research prior to this course, which was odd as it is a required course for the major that many use as an introduction to sociology. Because of this, I often found myself teaching myself basic terminology and methods that she had assumed we all knew. I would like to say that the TA's were excellent. Although they, like us, often didn't seem to understand what Marnie wanted or expected, they did their best to help, and discussion sections were really engaging and helpful. This is, unfortunately, a required course for sociology majors, but if you can take it with someone other than Professor Brady, I would recommend that, at least.

Apr 2018

I took Sociology of Gender with Marnie Brady, and I would only recommend taking the class if you want to do the readings. You will not get anything out of the lecture. Brady is a disorganized, slow, and verbose lecturer who sacrifices comprehension for the sake of big words and complicated sentences. When she wasn't lecturing she was trying to facilitate class discussion, which hardly ever went well either because the questions she posed to the class made less sense than her lectures. On the plus side, the syllabus is good, the topic is incredibly interesting, and you will get a lot out of the reading if you do them. Brady is nice and definitely means well, and she is accessible outside of class if you need anything. She is an easy grader and the workload is light. The final project was making a zine, which is super cool if you are interested in zines/feminist activism. Again, however, you will only get something out of that project if you invest yourself in it, because Brady offers minimal incentives.

Dec 2017

Marnie is a very sweet professor and well intentioned, but her lecture style is disengaging and by the end of the semester most people did not pay attention or participate during class. Easy class, but wouldn't recommend if you're looking for good discussion and interesting lecture.