Chiu-Chu Liu

Nov 2017

I had her for calculus III, and she was way better than I could have expected. Advantages: Very easy midterms (all 3 of them). Every midterm was identical to the practice midterm, with some numbers changed here and there. As long as you understood the questions on those practice midterms, you were guaranteed to do well (read: essentially guaranteed A/A+). Straightforward problem sets, all problem sets have answers available online. The level of the problem sets was always the same level of difficulty as the textbook taught, so there was always an example problem in the textbook very similar to the ones on the problem sets. Final was also not that hard. Final was especially short, so really no trouble to finish, but it did have a couple questions that required a level of understanding further than just having the right equations memorized. Disadvantages: Quiet lecturer, not engaging, and made mistakes on the board frequently. But calc III, especially the level required from this class, is something you can teach yourself. Going to lecture did not give me any extra understanding that the book did not lay out clearly. Conclusion: perfect if you want to a gpa boost and you're comfortable skipping lecture and just learning from the book. I got an A but barely studied for any of the exams. Also nothing is curved in this class so prepare to push yourself to get every part of every problem right if you want to do well (VERY achievable). Not ideal if you want a super engaging professor.