Juan Pablo Cominguez

Jan 2021

Juan Pablo is a really great teacher. His class covers a lot of different material and he gets the students to discuss lots of social and political issues related to health and race, specifically in the Latino world. It's full of information about health, the politics surrounding it, and how Spanish speaking people navigate healthcare systems. Something I really liked is that he incorporated a lot of information about LGBT healthcare into the curriculum. Personality-wise, he is an extremely inclusive and kind teacher. He makes sure to ask every student how their other classes are going at the beginning of the day and he'll make extensions for the whole class sometimes if everyone seems overwhelmed with other work. He also tells a bunch of jokes and makes class fun. During the pandemic, he has been really accommodating and understanding of situations which are really great. You get out of this class what you put in: you can get by with a minimal amount of work but there's a lot of opportunities to learn about new things and pick up some really advanced Spanish grammar and vocabulary. Juan Pablo is, so far, my favorite teacher I've ever had. If you have the chance to take a class with him, do it!!

Jan 2021

I liked him a lot when I took him as one of my first classes. Now that I’ve taken more classes and have the benefit of retrospect, I can only say: fantastic, fantastic, fantastic. Clear lecturer, excellent at giving individualized help, you get to watch a fair few great 90s movies, normal-to-easy workload, and totally reasonable grader. Funny guy too. Among the best professors I’ve had, truly, and I cannot give a higher recommendation. Although - the comment about him using an Argentinian POV is correct, and if that bothers you, be warned.

Dec 2018

This course was brilliantly amazing. I learned a lot about issues in health and health care systems as well as the Spanish vocabulary and hispanic culture associated with it. I loved all of the class discussions and group work. It was amazing to talk about issues in the past, present, and the future. I learned about diseases, habits, stigmas, discrimination, technology, and movements in hispanic culture and the world. You really learned a lot and improved your grammar by speaking with your peers and with the professor. I love this course! The class discussion was mainly its strengths. The professor facilitated the discussions well and encouraged all of us to participate, which I appreciated. The readings and assignments were fair and the professor always gave great feedback. The course really helped me to learn spanish and think more about communicating with people, for example, the group project with the senior center. I also appreciated thinking about the community as well as issues that we could improve on. The professor really knew his subject and the grammar well. Because of this, his explanations were very clear. He also made ideas seem sense in english grammar. Most importantly, I think that the professor's passion for teaching, his understanding, and his consideration are what inspired me to learn in the class and participate in class discussions. He was always so understanding and he always kindly replied to every statement or question that you made. He always, always accompanied his feedback with encouragement for the future. His passion for helping students really showed in class. He was always prompt in his responses and returning assignments, which I appreciated. His grading and expectations were very fair and also easygoing a lot. The professor's humor really livened the class up and it was always something to look forward to in class. Trumpacabra, bloombito, capoot, ojo! He made jokes all of the time! I think he influenced me to improve my personality for the better. This semester has been stressful, but this class is what I looked forward to the most out of all of my classes. It also made me think about my interactions and communication with people. His patience, kindness, and easygoing personality are what I hope to emulate in my own personality and show, especially since I hope to interact with patients and learn medicine in the future. Thank you, Professor Cominguez, for being a kind and wonderful teacher. I hope to follow your example and help others in the future in and compassionate and depending on the situation, easygoing manner! He deserves a gold star.

Aug 2018

Genuinely one of the clearest and most fun professors I've had. Take a class with him if you can!!! He's engaging and he truly cares about his students.