Elizabeth Dolfi

Jul 2017

Words cannot express how much I loved Liz and this class. Liz is a Phd candidate so she's not teaching in the 2017-2018 school year but I hope she comes back because she is a gem in this university. First of all Liz is really approachable and open about here thought processes as a teacher and doesn't assign anything she doesn't think is absolutely essential. She also weaves in a really cool and nuanced queer and feminist discourse into everything we did which you don't always get to see in a religion class. Most importantly though, Professor Dolfi forced us to both challenge the racism/sexism/homophobia that we found in Evangelical culture while simultaneously forcing us to explain why we found certain practices uncomfortable. She really wanted us to be responsible ethnographers-not afraid to say when something is problematic, but also challenging our own biases both in fear of other cultures and blind acceptance of our own. She valued student discussion while also filling gaps in our knowledge with really interesting lectures. This class is basically what made me realize I wanted to be a Religion major and I'm currently trying to figure out the least awkward way to befriend her this coming year because she really has been a wonderful mentor for me (also she's just really cool and I want to be her friend).