Clemence Boulouque

Apr 2021

JUST TAKE HER SHE'S THE BEST Really helpful and understanding prof! would recommend 100% without a doubt. Very knowledgeable and thoughtful, literally knows EVERYTHING, and passionate to teach. The workload is usual, read the texts, 2 papers, a midterm, and final (Proj for 20-21). Genuine and caring prof which is not something very common, always open to talk and understand their students.

Nov 2019

Best Lit Hum professor ever. Reasonable workload (relative to other Lit Hum classes) and fairly graded essays and tests. Great class discussions and relates everything back to contemporary works, sometimes going off on tangents about Trump or Jeffrey Epstein. Works hard to make the Core relatable/relevant/not just about old white men. She's a great professor, genius literary critic, and I wholeheartedly recommend her class.

Nov 2017

Best teacher. Super passionate and amazing. She grades fairly and ensures that our wellbeing is first priority. If you are nervous about coming to Columbia and want a teacher that will help you adjust to the rigorous climate here she will hold your hand to make sure you won't fall. Take her class if you can.

Jul 2017

I can't even find this class in the course directory again, so I don't know what that means but I took Religion and the Movies with Clemence in Fall 2016. Clemence is really nice and always available for questions after class or extra assistance. The thing is that this class didn't really require much assistance. Though her accent was sometimes hard to understand, the ideas of this class were a mixture of theory texts that you didn't really need to read that closely and watching movies. The theory and the films were definitely quite Christiancentric which was frustrating and though this was a generally enjoyable class it didn't really blow my mind or anything. I would say this is a good introduction to the fields of both film and religion, but if you're going in more interested in religion, like I did, there's definitely a lot of film theory to sift through as well. I didn't go to every class but you should probably go to at least half of them (plus sometimes in class you just watch clips or have interesting discussions).