Hadley Suter

Apr 2021

Prof Suter is so sweet and probably one of my favorite professors I have had at Columbia. This class is extremely casual and loosely structured: it revolves heavily around the class and their interests. Easy French class if you are trying to refresh your French skills if you already have had previous French classes. You basically read articles, watch movies, and read short stories and have class discussions. Very casual and chill class. She never pressures or pushes anyone to participate or speak but encourages everyone. Highly recommend.

Jun 2020

I took both semesters of Elementary French with Professor Suter and it was overall a great experience. Professor Suter includes a lot of other materials outside of the textbook for class, which I really liked. I learned about French culture and discovered some great French music that she played for us. My only complaint is that it was extremely intimidating going into the class with no experience since it is taught completely in French from day one. I know that this is the case for most modern foreign language classes at Barnard/Columbia, but it can be really difficult if you have social anxiety, so I would recommend learning some French before the first semester starts so that you are more comfortable in the classroom. The workload wasn't too much, although the workbook homework was often repetitive and annoying (although that isn't her fault because she didn't create it).

Dec 2019

Hadley is an amazing professor. She is very understanding and so kind. She makes the class interesting and engages everyone, so be ready to participate. I would recommend this class to everyone. The workload is manageable and not too intense, but it is up to you to stay on top of it because it will pile up. You have online homework due before the next test. It is about 2 chapters due each test and does take a while to do. If you split it up daily,then you should be fine. She grades very fairly as well, but does take off minor points for spelling, accent marks, etc. I suggest if you want to do well to go to her office hours, and do the compositions ahead of time, so she can edit them for you.

Dec 2018

Hadley is one of the most amazing professors that I have ever had. Her workload is very fair- it is enough to learn the material but not overcomplicated or unnecessary. She really cares about all of her students and is very reasonable. She is fun and energetic and always in a good mood. Highly recommend any class you can take with her!

May 2018

Hadley is an excellent professor, who truly cares about her students. Her course moves pretty fast and she gives quizzes after each chapter, but she does an excellent job making the intense workload doable.

Dec 2017

Really great, and cares a lot about her students. Highly reccommend this class to anyone!!!

Apr 2017

Hadley (she lets us call her by her first name) is so sweet and kind. I am never too intimidated to speak up in class. More so than anything her encouragement fostered my learning. This is my second time being in her French class. Last semester I was so nervous to be in a college level French course. My high school French teacher was judgmental and instilled fear in all of her students. After taking Hadley's class not only do I love studying French but I am leaning towards making it a part of my degree. I never had this confidence with language learning before. In the past, I would have never been brave enough to practice my French with native French speakers but now, when I run into someone that speaks French I have the courage to open my mouth and at least try. I say this knowing that I am not the best French student out there. It is just amazing to have a professor who sees potential in all of her students. I wish I could take French with her again. If she was teaching intermediate II I would take it with her. She is also knowledgeable about French cultural and philosophical movements which she sometimes incorporates into the curriculum.