Malgorzata Mazurek

May 2017

Malgy is quite a character. We only had her for half a semester, as our first teacher (Michelle Chun love you miss you), ran out of teaching credits and had to leave. Malgorzata is a very Polish, very communist hard ass with a heart of 50% goal, 50% coal. She started our time with her pretending to be a hard ass, but ended up being super chill. Her final and midterm were purely quotes that we talked about in class, no essay. She's a fairly chill grader on the tests and 2 essays. Her syllabus makes her seem much meaner than she actually is.

Apr 2017

Professor Malgorzata Mazurek's class is structured around passages she pre-selects, that students have to present to the rest of the class. Don't let that fool you! She does give you the option at the beginning of the course to add/change material to the syllabus. However, the professor assumes that you already know what she’s talking about and can be very condescending.