Anna Danielle Conser

Apr 2017

Man, what an awkward class. Anna can be nice and all, but the class was super dry and Anna for some reason approached us in a really hesitant, restrained manner, as if she didn't have faith in her own teaching. That's not to say that she's a bad teacher--she taught the curriculum exactly as it needed to be caught and made sure to cover all the most relevant concepts. In the end, I learned what I needed to know in the class. However, a note about the curriculum: it's terribly boring and probably not the best way to even learn the language, since it focuses on rote memorization and throws you a whole bunch of charts of endings all at once. In the end, all the information becomes such a blur that you can't even grasp the basics without confusing them with something else. That being said, I think they changed the textbook they're using as of about 2016, so hopefully Anna will not have to teach such a dreadfully dull class.