Vincent L. McCloskey

Aug 2020

This man is the absolute sweetest. He brings a lot of great energy to the room, gives lots of feedback and doesn't take himself too seriously. This is a great class for those who have little to no dance experience. If you're worried about putting money down for the attire needed for this class (it's really just the ballet flats), he's really communicative and helpful in directing you to the resources that can help alleviate those costs. Please take a ballet class if you ever had an inkling of interest, and try and take it with McCloskey! I had a morning class and honestly it was a pain to get to, but super rewarding afterwards.

Apr 2017

PROS: Overall an easy, manageable class. McCloskey is nice, gives good feedback, and runs the class at a good pace. Even if you're a horrible dancer, he's not gonna care. Optimal for anyone looking for that easy PE credit! CONS: Every modern class is run a bit differently, and I've heard Vincent's Modern I is almost too easy compared to other sections and higher levels. The material is very repetitive, sometimes to the point of boredom, but some people might like that