Jennifer Wenzel

Apr 2021

The class is okay. The content is generally interesting but the readings are a bit more work than I expected. They are also primarily fiction and especially literature, so if you want to focus more on non-fiction texts this might not be the class for you. I wouldn't say the class is hard but I also don't think it's an easy A -- I might just have a harshly grading TA though, I don't know. Professor Wenzel is nice and generally understanding, but the class was generally her lecturing with minimal accompanying PowerPoints. I'm sure this style of teaching fits other students better but I found it extremely hard to focus.

Mar 2021

Amazing class! The syllabus is awesome and her lectures are even better.

May 2019

One advice: do not take this class. Professor Wenzel is, I would almost say, uninformed about South Africa and the history of Apartheid; worst, she refuses to listen to the voices of Black South Africans who take her class. Most of the books she assigns at by white authors, while the shorter readings are by Black authors, but when prompted on why she does this, she often responds that she does not understand the meaning of the question... Her teaching style is not about fostering a conversation about the readings but rather, telling you her opinion without you being able to have one. She is a harsh grader and will slash down the grade your TA gave you. My recommendation: do not take the class.