Anja Tolonen

Jan 2021

Anja is a decentish professor but I don't always appreciate her "strictness" which is really just rudeness at times. STATA is required for the course and she asks students who are not able to use Apporto (the virtual computer through Barnard that accesses STATA for free) due to their network issues since they live so far internationally, to purchase STATA.... so some students have the luxury of free use while others are penalized for something that isn't really in their control.

Dec 2017

Not incredibly difficult but worth attending recitations. STATA use instead of R. Long group project at the end of the course but very manageable if you spend the time to split up the workload. Homeworks are usually weekly but take a few hours to complete -- attending recitation will help with that.

Apr 2017

Prof. Tolonen is a pretty new professor and it kind of shows. While she is really nice and seems to know a lot, sometimes her lectures can become her just reading off of the slides. This class is a good survey class and you do learn a little about everything a lot of different aspects of development (which was something I really likes). I also liked that she brought in a few guest speakers! The midterm and final were pretty easy. She often gives extra credit which is nice.