Dennis Tenen

Aug 2020

Honestly I was really let down by this teacher. I went in with much higher expectations given the positive review of Tenen that one of my upperclassmen friends had given me, but unfortunately after it was too late to drop the course I began to hear rumors that in the past two years he had significantly changed in difficulty level - and I can confirm these are true. I did all the work and was very confident in my knowledge of all the readings, but come midterm I got a B- with several of the points he deducted being wrongly taken off in my opinion. I participated heavily every class, but even this wasn’t enough to make up for it, and his essays were still not easy grades either. By the end of his class I ended up with an B+. Not a bad person but by no means is it easy to get a good grade.

Jul 2020

Not sure what all these reviews are about... Let me set the record straight. I read all of the books, participated in the discussions, and even went to a few office hours. I thought I had an A+ in the bag, but I was extremely disappointed after getting my first semester grades back that I received an A-. I'm honestly more frustrated that I couldn't make up for it second semester because of the mandatory pass/fail

Apr 2020

First of all, Prof. Tenen is excellent -- he is able to break down complicated matters in a way that are easy to understand. He cares about his students, is responsive, and really funny. I would definitely take another class with him, he is a chill dude and he won't give you a hard time getting an A. Now the topic is very strange. For the first few weeks, I sat in this class and thought to myself "what is going on? Why are we reading computer manuals and people from the middle ages trying to create an algorithm?". In the end, it all made sense. It's more of a history-class of how AI came to be, and you'll be reading mostly primary sources. This class had a mix out of CS majors and people from the social sciences and humanities, which made class discussions very interesting. I would recommend this class! But it's a bit of a crazy ride.

Apr 2020

Absolute gpa killer

Jan 2017

DenTen, as he is colloquially known, is quite the character. One of the main features of this class is that there are no essays, no graded assignments outside of the midterm and final, and attendance is not mandatory. This makes the class a very interesting mix of people who never show up and never participate, and people who always show up and always participate. This makes the class frequently half-empty, but the discussion can sometimes be interesting. The only assignment for this course is a weekly Piazza post, or a comment/response to a classmate's Piazza post. If you miss class, you have to complete an additional Piazza post. These posts were graded for completion, and could really include any ideas you had about the text. DenTen does this to encourage us to actually read the texts. He also significantly cut the amount of reading for the semester and substituted with texts that he enjoyed from the CC reader. This made the workload very manageable, and this becomes a fairly simple class as long as you complete most of the readings. Overall, most of the class received an A-range grade, as long as they completed the mandatory assignments and did fairly well on the midterm/final(mid -80's range). Would recommend.