Teng Fei

May 2018

The class is very clear and well structured. Lectures cover the textbook quite well, while also providing supplementary applications, that are more theoretical and interesting. The professor does a good job reiterating material, and his lectures are well supplemented by available Open Courseware videos. On the topic of exams: The midterm and final exams are supplemented with practice exams, that are very good preparation for the real tests. The problem sets are of reasonable length, and grading is fair and relatively fast. Students who dedicate time to preparing for the exams, by completing the practice test, doing the problem sets, and reviewing notes or textbook will excel. Altogether, this is a no surprise course, that does a good job covering the material.

Jan 2017

I think this was a good class. Teng doesn’t really know how to teach, but he wants students to do well. He has difficulty understanding what most people can do with math and tends to explain things in a way that is overly complex. This inability to understand what most students can do causes him to write tests with functions that are way to complicated and messy. This makes his tests hard and frustrating, way more so than the homework. However, he actually wants his students to do well so, if you advocate for yourself and speak out when you think something is unreasonable for this classes level, he will rethink what he is doing (maybe not right away in front of the class, but he will probably change his approach by the next class). It also seems like he wants to learn how to teach so that he can help you do better. Overall, he is nice and wants you to do well, but he doesn’t fully understand how to make the information always accessible to everyone and the tests are hard because of the calculations they involve, which makes them the most stressful part of this class.