Miriam Schulz

Dec 2016

Bad. Bad. Bad. Bad. Hopefully she never teaches this class in future semesters. Everyone in the class CLEARLY had already taken some amount of German, but refused to admit this to the instructor. (They admitted it amongst themselves.) AND, STRANGE ENOUGH, the instructor did not seem to (or maybe just REFUSED) to put two and two together. After I went up to her to say I was worried about keeping up given that the pace was so fast, she laughed....saying that everyone else was in the same boat as I was (false haha) and they just got the language better than I did (um...) I ask you HOW can students be able to converse in German after LITERALLY spending two nights with their first textbook to learn one chapter? Where would we have grasped ANYTHING besides the vocabulary written on the page, and basic sentence structures (of which there were VERY FEW)? My friend ended up dropping the class after she had already purchased the textbook, because Miriam's classroom expectations were unclear, and ultimately unreasonable. No one expects to be babied. But true introductory students of German expect the instructor to do some of the explaining herself. We do not need an instructor looking to coast with students whose previous German teachers have done the bulk of the work. AVOID.