Frank Guridy

Jan 2018

Professor Guridy is so excited about the course material and sport in general; his energy always makes the class engaging and fun. I was always excited to come to class and wouldn't even check the time while i was there. The class covers different sports in different parts of the world and how they relate to politics, race, gender, class, and sexuality. We covered historical and current events in sports and politics. It was amazing to think about these concepts in the context of sport, and Guridy always was helpful and fun.

Dec 2016

I'm writing this because I think people deserve fair warning about what they're getting into with this class, since it sounds fun and easy and entertaining, but is not as straightforward as all that. The class IS fun and has a light workload (and a lot of the time he just shows videos in class), but it is NOT an easy A, on the contrary -- it's incredibly hard to do well, and most people seemed really shocked by the grades they were getting. The class is an overview of different sports in America and the way they relate to politics and race, class and gender, which is interesting, and Prof. Guridy is definitely a good lecturer. But his standards are very high for a lecture course that is basically just about sports. Like, he posts discussion questions about the readings and will randomly call on people in lecture to answer them (sometimes he'll give you time to prepare answers in groups, or sometimes he assigns you to random groups to present in the next class, but sometimes he just cold calls, so you need to have done the reading, and the TAs take notes on everything you say and who answers what). There is a lot of emphasis on participating in class, you can't just show up, you are actually expected to talk in lecture if you want a good grade. Also, you HAVE to go to lecture, because they take attendance, and it really affects your grade. The worst part is definitely the exams, which are take-home, so you think they'll be easy, but they are NOT. It's almost impossible to do well, you have to take super detailed notes and then make sure you don't miss any key terms in the short answers, or you lose points for completely arbitrary things. Also you have to cite like crazy or you lose more points. The exams don't actually require you to do any research or anything, but if you don't have good notes or you weren't paying attention in class you're kind of screwed because they basically ask you to say exactly what he said in lecture. So it's a really mixed bag in terms of the actual effort you need to put into this class -- the lectures are chill (as long as you're prepared to answer a question he might ask) but then the exams are kind of a nightmare, and a lot of people did poorly. There is opportunity for extra credit though, and Prof. Guridy is entertaining and knowledgable (and he's a clear lecturer, like the concepts are explained well). But I hear he does take-home exams in all his classes, which I imagine are as rigidly graded. So just be aware -- if you think this is an easy class where you get to talk about sports, it's not.