Daniel Mark Greenberg

Dec 2016

I had Dr. Greenberg for Art Hum. Dr. Greenberg is a great instructor to have for Art Hum. As someone who did not know a lot about art, I felt like my contributions were always welcomed and valued, even if they kind of missed the mark. His style of teaching art hum is a bit different from other professors (from what I've heard). He taught the class primarily through discussion. We did not have to memorize names, dates, or works of art. There were no quizzes; I listed the total workload below. The course was not stressful at all, the workload was light compared to other classes. For the final, he sent us six questions, three of which were on the exam. Two of the questions on the exam were submitted by us, the students. He only teaches one section a semester, so if by some chance you end up in his class stay there. Would highly recommend him.