Ila Varma

Feb 2018

She's actually funny in class, clear in instruction, and sets reasonable exams

Jan 2017

Super boring, but really, really nice and gives really good grades. Drops the lowest midterm grade.

Dec 2016

Awesome teacher! Ila's such an awesome person (and educator). She's funny, her lessons are organized and clear, and she always has an open line of dialogue with her students. She likes to assign a pretty solid HW load- nothing that can't be completed- but still a solid number of questions from both WebAssign and the book. She's incredibly humble despite her math brilliance, and very down to earth unlike other pretty aloof educators at this university. Her tests aren't tricky or too long- so there's always ample time to finish and review. All in all, Ila kills it and I'm really happy I took Calc I with her.

Dec 2016

Ila Varma is a queen; she makes an effort to know everyone's name despite teaching a large lecture. She is BRILLIANT, yet conveys knowledge is an understanding and efficient way. I could not recommend here more. BTW, totally an easy A.