Alexander Pittman

Oct 2020

Professor Pittman is an amazing professor! He's very understanding of individual circumstances and engages with the students. While he may talk fast in his lectures, for the most part, his class is really fun to be in.

Dec 2018

As a first generation, low income, student of color I have never felt so uncomfortable during office hours with a professor as I did with Pittman. Pittman was very condescending when I met with him during office hours, because of this I never went back. I told him I was confused with something on the midterm and his responds was that it is very straightforward, which is not something you should tell a confused student. Not to mention I asked a question about a specific term on the midterm and he asked me how I took my notes. I was shocked that he would ask me this. I felt that he was assuming that I was lazy, not taking my notes, or not trying in the class at all. I became even more upset about this experience, when the during the next class period, another student, a white student, asked the same question I did during office. Suddenly, the question was no longer a dumb question and it turned out the whole class was confused. This experienced made me feel very disrespected, I thought I was dumb and thought I was the problem, and no student should feel this way. Pittman needs to have a conversation over how he treats students of color and FLI students, especially because he seems to overly pride himself as being an equitable professor. Pittman talks too fast during lecture and tries to put too must information in one lecture. This is not a good combination with a class that discusses heavy theory topics. Pittman also does not provide much feedback on assignments and is a harsh grader. I got a B for an assignment, yet only got 3 comments of feedbacks. It is hard to improve my essays and aim for a higher grade with just 3 comments. I suggest taking the class if you need to, but if you have questions go to the TAs.

Jul 2018

Professor Pittman is an organized and compelling lecturer. Although some of the readings were really long and difficult, it felt worth it by the end of the course.

Feb 2018

This class was truly incredible. I has never taken a course in social theory or gender studies before, but after this class I feel that I have gained so much. It was certainly difficult, as I had never encountered such dense texts in my life. The fact remains, there is no professor who could have possibly exposed me to these hefty topics is a more clear, succinct, and eye-opening manner as Professor Pittman did. We read about 80 pages of reading per class (but keep in mind these are seriously dense texts). Professor Pittman lectured mainly, but was always receptive to questions. As well, he made a real effort to connect the themes to modern issues in politics, art, and the media. I HIGHLY recommend this class for dedicated and curious students.

Dec 2017

What an amazing professor!! Dr. Pittman selected an interesting range of course materials and his lectures were always insightful. The readings are pretty dense each week, but he makes them accessible in his discussions so it’s worth coming to class even if you didn’t do them. He’s not a generous grader, but he’s definitely fair in his assessments. This is probably not a good course for those who don’t like the humanities, but if social and cultural theory are your jam then it’s worth taking!!

Dec 2017

This class is a must take at Barnard if you are interest in how cultural and social theory operate in everyday life. it is a lecture style class but he is very engaging with the class by asking you questions that relate back to the reading. The class is not hard, but challenges you to thinking critical about yourself and other in the way we work in a society. I highly recommend taking this course of you can fit it into you schedule. There are no prerequisite or prior knowledge needed for this class.

Oct 2017

This is honest to god the best class I have taken in college so far. It really changed the way I see the world in many ways. It is also an amazing class to take as an undergraduate because it introduces theories and concepts the reoccur in almost every humanities/ social science field in the academy. Professor Pittman is incredibly nice and explains the concepts very well. My goal is to one day have just a fraction of his knowledge. I also really appreciated that he incorporated art, poetry, and even a little bit of film into the class. Honestly, if you are considering taking this class, please do! I begged all of my friends to take it and the ones that did also really enjoyed it (one is even a Women's, Gender and Sexuality studies minor now). I really wish I could take this class again and I hope I get to take another class with Professor Pittman.

Jul 2017

Oh how I loved this teacher and this class. Professor Pittman was my first teacher on my first day ever at Barnard. He's really down to earth but clearly knows his stuff. He's always open to hear from students' experiences, though he definitely holds a certain level of feminist/social justice standard that you shouldn't really challenge. Most of this is predictable stuff- He wouldn't stand for any homophobia, misogyny, racism, etc. in the classroom. While this is great and definitely very important I did sometimes feel like our answer to every question was that it's straight white men's faults. I don't necessarily disagree but I didn't feel as challenged as I would have liked about the conventional ways even feminists view gender and sexuality. Besides that though the readings were fascinating and pretty manageable (mostly articles) and he also added in some artist works and issues into the class. Alex is the sweetest professor you could ask for and I'm really grateful I got to learn with him (and hope to do so again).

Jan 2017

Pittman is incredible. To be honest when I first met him I thought he might be really uptight, strict and arrogant. But he just has really good posture. He is literally so good at explaining really complicated and dense theory, by giving relevant context and laying out the argument of everything we read. Also he always makes really interesting connections and presents really cool modern art that relates to the readings and concepts. I super super recommend taking a class with him! Especially for his age he is so intelligent and articulate, a really good teacher all around!

Nov 2016

Professor Pittman is one of the best professors I've had. He is a young and energetic lecturer, and is able to break down difficult texts in a way that is both interesting and relatable as a student. Class time goes by fast, and, even in a large lecture setting, isn't dominated solely by him speaking. He genuinely wants to hear from the students in his class. We've watched and discussed videos and commercials, and have even spent a bulk on class reading "men seeking men" craigslist ads. This class is fascinating and a lot of fun, but you still learn a lot too, and the workload definitely isn't "easy". Pittman assigns sizable readings between classes, especially over the weekend, and the concepts discussed within the readings can often be difficult to understand, as Pittman himself acknowledges. Pittman asks us to engage the multiple texts and the theories proposed in response papers, and in our midterm, so it's important to actually understand them. It's hard to bullshit. I would certainly recommend taking a class with this Professor. He is young, passionate, and engaging. He knows everyone's name in our lecture class! However, he does take attendance at the start of every class, which is somewhat unusual for a lecture. So if you're hoping to skim the readings, bang out the papers, and only come to class some of the time, probably isn't the best class for you.