Yu-Shen Lin

Jul 2017

This is not so much a review of the class (which was very, very good+understandable+fair) but of Yu-Shen himself. Yu-Shen, if you are reading this, please try standup. You are very funny. Also, please never let your TA teach this course. On the days you were not here and let him teach, I learned not one thing and instead spent the entire time writing my name in bubble letters in my notebook. Take this course if you want an easy, basic calculus class to fulfill your requirements and also an entertaining reprieve in our slow, often unbearable march towards death.

Nov 2016

I had him for my first semester Calculus I. I had taken Calc AB before. A lot of people struggled with the class (and dropped) but I liked it. It's a kind of 'lecture optional class' in the sense that if you get what you're doing skipping class wouldn't hurt you that much (he basically teaches the textbook) - but he drops hints (useful but sometimes confusing) regarding the midterms and goes over hard homework questions (before they are due). We had weekly WebAssign (low key pain) and Textbook Homework (2 lowest ones are dropped from each). Aside from that we had 2 midterms and an exam. No calculators on the exams, but you can bring in an index card (front and back) with whatever you want on it. Weighting: Homework (20%), First Midterm (20 %), Second Midterm (25 %) and Final exam (35 %) He knows a lot about math, but his accent can be too much for some. He is funny and quirky though. Very fair grader. No complaints on that end. Overall, great class. Good teacher. Easy material.