Svetlana Komissarouk

Apr 2020

She is one of the best professors I have had in Barnard. She really makes sure that you understand the content. There is no memorization necessary for this course, she gets you to understand the logic behind the concepts she teaches. She will upload the slides after every class and recommend you to read the textbook. She is very passionate about the topics. I would highly recommend this class to Psych majors!

May 2017

Svetlana was extremely helpful from start to finish. I wish I would have 'found' her earlier in my Columbia. I also wish she taught more classes. One of her big strengths was her ability to design such an effective course - shows so much about who she is. She really knew the theory (covered in the first half). She has an amazing perspective for experimental design (taught in the second half). She really knows how to help cultivate a scientist's mind in others (taught throughout - how to write a great paper, discuss your research, respond to reviewers, get/give feedback to peers., etc.). There is so much I could mention. All in all, A+ class: Lectures were clear and useful, readings were high value, we all got great feedback and support, Svetlana generated a lot of energy in the class, and excitement in the group. Summary: she is just amazing. She is such a nice person, caring, and really interested in hearing the students thoughts. She is always there for help, and really has a passion for the topic. I couldn't have asked for a better professor.

May 2016

Svetlana's class was interesting and not too difficult. She's funny too.