Katherine Fox-Glassman

Apr 2020

I'm gonna be honest: Prof. Fox-Glassman is not for me. She speaks extremely fast and in a very monotone way so that it's hard to pay attention. Also, the topic of the class sounds interesting, but it's most likely not what you think it will be. While the professor provides you with a lot of interesting examples from real-life contexts, I wish I hadn't taken this class. The majority of the class speaks about normative models (math) and economics. At times I felt like I was in an econ lecture, and not psychology. The workload is not super high, but I found her exams some of the most difficult I had taken in the psych department and not exactly fair (confusing scenarios and several answers that could be right). That being said, Prof. Fox-Glassman seems to really care about her students and she is extremely smart and knowledgable. I have to say it again: that woman is smart. I think that's why at times, she's going super fast and takes a lot of prior knowledge for granted. However, if you have any questions she really takes the time to explain, which I really liked. As a person she's awesome and you can have some interesting conversations with her. I would say that you'll either love her lectures or her style is just not for you. For me, it was the latter, so I will refrain from taking another class with her. I highly recommend visiting her lectures during the add/drop period to see if her demanding teaching style works for you and whether you actually like the topic. I did not think too much about the topic beforehand and just went by what the syllabus said. Inform yourself what you're actually getting into, otherwise, you won't enjoy the content.

Apr 2020

I went to try out this class despite of all of the reviews, and I have to say Katherine is absolutely LOVELY! I can't wait to take more of her classes, and if opportunity comes up, I would love to TA for her in some capacity. Of course, this semester is weird because of the coronavirus situation, but Katherine actually made online classes as fun as her in-person classes. She has really good memes in her slides, can always keep you engaged, and actually tries to learn students' names in a huge lecture hall (those who sit in the front few rows anyways). She is very helpful and explains concepts very clearly. This class goes through a lot of material very fast and doesn't necessarily goes very in-depth, but Katherine explains all of the experiments extremely well and uses iClicker/Zoom polling questions to make sure we understand. Honestly, given the abnormal situation of teaching online, she is the professor who is taking the most advantage of the online environment of all my 6 classes, and is able to engage the class despite of its difficulties. Also her kids are extremely cute and she took the time to introduce them to us when we went online. She makes herself very available for office hours by appointment outside of her normal office hours. And she really incorporates current events into this class. We had an extra session to talk about just how people's decision-making in the time of the coronavirus reflects the heuristics and biases we learned in class and what are some measures to combat that. Although this semester hasn't ended yet, I know I will have come out of this class having not just learned the material but with a new understanding of how I make my own decisions in life. Overall great class! Would highly recommend!

May 2019

Overall, the class is generally interesting and not very challenging. It is, however, very irritating in terms of policy and assignments. Prof F-G uses iClicker to ensure attendance, which is a major factor in your grade. The problem is, she deliberately times the clicker questions to appear early in the class and right before the end, so if you happen to be late or need to leave early - your grade will suffer. The material is straightforward but endless: there are infinite terms to memorize and although a very basic understanding is required, it can become overwhelming. Problem sets are not graded on accuracy, only on effort but this does not mean they don't require some work to complete properly. Both midterms and final are quite basic - just memorize plenty of terms and have a grasp of their real life applications. Not very difficult, but tedious. All in all, this class is a decent choice for psych and non-psych majors (like myself). Professor F-G attempts to keep class engaged but her monotone voice and the endless amount of terms and studies she plows through becomes mentally taxing. Would not recommend, but if looking for a nice elective, its not a bad option.

May 2018

Stay away. While the topic sounds very interesting, it is very subjective. The answers to the exam have more than one right answer but if you don't answer Glassman's right answer- then it's wrong. The exams are graded by TA's who are undergrads, just like you- yup. The TA's in this class were very harsh, some of them who appeared to enjoy seeing students struggle/get a bad grade. Previous students had warned me not to take this class, but I thought it would be fun- guess not.

May 2016

This was a pretty decent class. Material was interesting and very applicable to daily life and the business world. You learn about human biases, heuristics, decision architectures, etc. If you read Thinking Fast and Slow and Predictably Irrational, you would get most of the relevant information that you should know. Not sure what it says about the thoroughness of academia when 2 casual reading popular psych books cover your class material. The mandatory attendance and iClicker quizzes were annoying. Midterms were pretty straightforward if you studied for them. There was nothing that was challenging as long as you memorized all the terms she gives you in the review sheet and understand them at a basic level. Good class. Would recommend if you're a psych major or just a person interested in business who needs to get a non-technical class requirement out of the way.