Sumit Mukherjee

Jan 2020

First two weeks is fine and pretty basic but after the add/drop period sh*t hit the fan and he screwed us all. Problem sets take incredibly long to do (5-10 hours) and most of it is deriving equations most other classes are simply given. Kind of hard to understand in class and he moves extremely fast without explaining too much. Midterm averaged 15/35 and final averaged about 42/70. Never, upon any circumstances take his class. He is undoubtedly the worst intro stats professor at Columbia ever.

Oct 2019

Literally do not take him. Absolutely the worst professor that Columbia has to offer. Way harder than all the other Calc based stats sections. Almost half the class dropped out before the first midterm. After the first midterm, 12 people were sitting in the class. You would be better off not going to this class and learning on your own if you take him because listening to him talk actually confuses me more.

Oct 2019

Might be the worst professor I’ve had at Columbia. He doesn’t explain anything that he talks about in class and simply just writes things on the board, solves it then says ok next and goes on to something new. Also, what he lectures in class is nothing like the homework so you are all on your own. I got a tutor and she said that the homework’s are similar to what she was doing in her 2nd year of grad school. He also is a tad difficult to understand and talks extremely fast. Would highly recommend not to take his section.

May 2016

A rigorous introduction to statistics. The presentation of material was straightforward, with definitions, theorems, and occasional proofs given in class and in the notes. Some interesting examples in the homework and in class. Covered probability, estimators, and hypothesis testing, focussing on theory more than application. Not too difficult if you have a solid foundation in math and are comfortable with proofs. Professor Mukherjee is a good lecturer in that he is straightforward and thorough.