Chao Li

Jan 2018

Chao Li is an excellent teacher! He teaches the lecture in a straightforward manner and breaks down the concepts very well. He writes down his notes on multiple boards, so you do not have to rush take notes. His notes are very thorough, legible, visually appealing, and comprehensible. He emphasizes the most important things during the lecture and usually puts a summary at the end. His exams are very straightforward and tests the exact same concepts and is in the exact same format as his practice exams. His online web assign and written hw are harder than the exams, especially the written, in which many of the questions I had to look up online to help me. If you listen to his lectures and do the hw and practice exams, you will do well in his class.

Jan 2017

Chao is amazing -- he is entertaining, engaging, and good at explaining concepts. I will definitely miss his class. As far as the exams go, they are extremely easy. He tells you exactly what will be on them, and he does not try to trick you. Paying attention in class and understanding the homework problems is enough to do well. I would recommend taking Chao's section.

May 2016

Chao is by far the best Calc 1 professor you will ever see in your life. He was also the easiest section this semester. Chao is unbelievably reachable (Responds to every email withing 10 mins). His HW is pretty straight forward from the class notes and his exams are the same as the practice exams with only different numbers. Still, he is a perfect professor, Harvard PHD, who will help you have a solid base in Calc. I would recommend this class to anyone !!