Lindsey Dayton

Jul 2015

History of the South was a really interesting class. It gave me a view of the South that I'd never seen before, and Professor Fields definitely made an effort to look at all sides of a lot of issues--not just spinning the popular interpretation, as many professors do, but really positing her own deeply thought-out conclusions about things. She was a pretty intimidating woman, though, and didn't really invite people to question her interpretations or to participate in any sort of discussion. The readings were generally very long, but usually fascinating. Discussing them in section was usually one of my favorite parts of the week, especially because my TA, Lindsey, was THE best TA I've ever had or will ever have. Lindsey knew the texts inside and out and really knew how to explain the complicated issues that Professor Fields didn't get into in class. She also required us to turn in multiple stages of our final paper ahead of time, which made me much more time-conscious on the paper and made for a much better paper in the end. Lindsey's line edits on our papers were also priceless.