Marsely Kehoe

May 2015

Dr. Kehoe is just fantastic. I had her for Art Hum, and she made Art History one of my favorite topics to study. She is HILARIOUS, engaging, knowledgeable, approachable and amazing. She has a great sense of humor, which she incorporates into her lectures. Out of all of the core classes I have taken, I can recall the most information from Dr. Kehoe's class because of how memorable her lectures are. This was one of the few classes I regularly wished would last longer, each session. LOVE HER and take her if you have the chance. PROS: - trips to the Met & St. John's Cathedral - everything about Dr. Kehoe - the class discussions: it seemed like almost everyone participated because they wanted to - the workload: very manageable - the readings!!: very carefully selected; reasonable; no busywork - the first paper: to analyze one of the buildings on campus; fun to do - doesn't expect you to memorize a billion dates and names of paintings - only the few you write on for the exams CONS: - ... classes too short? Seriously, our entire class adored Dr. Kehoe, and I can't think of a single negative about the class - She might be leaving Columbia after her postdoctoral fellowship