Lauren E Silva

Apr 2016

Lauren is super sweet and cute, but she has no understanding of the workload she assigns. yes she is nice and accommodating, but she doesn't understand that in order to do the work you have to be dedicating time to go over to the studio, so assigning more than one painting per week is already too much, plus there were ten sketchbook assignments per week, and a reading, and a writing response to the reading. it was just WAY too much work and she didn't listen when we told her so. In addition, she barely gave any critical feedback n the actual work. her style was to let us work independently during class with little to no commentary from her. it was basically come in to class, talk about last weeks assignment for about an hour, then work independently with quiet music n the background for the next five hours. it was not very exciting. as an artist, I was hoping for a more enriching experience in this class but definitely didn't learn much at all.