Christina Ciocca

Apr 2016

I have been working with Christina Ciocca on a longitudinal, in-depth, qualitative research study for the duration of the year. While this is a review that is unique to our situation, I also wanted to speak to her abilities as an instructor and supervisor. The study lies in the intersection between sociology and education, which are both areas that Christina is very passionate and knowledgeable about. Christina has gone above and beyond as my supervisor. I had never conducted interviews before beginning work on her study, and Christina took the time to train me in best practices for qualitative interviews. At the same time it is important to point out that she is not a micro-manager; Christina demonstrated complete faith that I would take care of my responsibilities and complete work of a good standard. This made me more confident and allowed me to learn throughout the process. Christina also has taken the time to educate me in other areas of sociological research that may not pertain to this study, but in which I expressed interest, including quantitative coding and analysis with software. She is able to navigate this because she is proficient in mixed-methods, which is rare and valuable in the department! Christina sees the value of both qualitative and quantitative work and is able to expertly utilize both methods to conduct important research and produce exciting data. Christina was always super accessible for questions, support or advice. She is also enthusiastic and relatable. I would highly recommend taking any class that Christina offers, because her passion and knowledge should be shared!