Zac Levine

Apr 2020

Zac is the BEST CC teacher you'll get. He cares SO MUCH about his students and makes such an effort to make sure everyone is engaged and learning. Sometimes class got a little boring, but for the most part, Zac did a great job of asking good questions and having us think about topics in a different way. He is SO SWEET and is incredibly understanding and supportive.

Nov 2019

Zac is such a sweetie. He is an adorable teacher who desperately wants his class to understand these seminal texts, and gets extremely excited when we do. Over the course of the semester, our class went from being a bit uneasy about discussing these philosophical texts to engaging in pretty good discussions. Zac gets really excited about random topics (does Descartes think animals deserve the same rights as humans? How about Hobbes? -- like what). He also understands that it's difficult to balance reading for CC with everything else we have going on and reduced a lot of our readings over the course of the semester so that we ended up reading only the most crucial parts of the texts, which I really appreciated because I've never had a professor do this before. He also took our class to the Cloisters (and for Dominican food after, which is important) and also screened eXistenZ for us (which was a fun '90s terrible CGI type beat, but free pizza). He really cares about our success and the review from 2015 that's on here certainly does not my experience with him as a professor.

Nov 2019

if you're looking for a CC professor, disregard the review of Zac below. He's a really kind teacher!

Feb 2015

Stay clear of this odd ball. He is the type of TA who is on a serious power trip. He must have been raised in a bubble, by a teacher who considered him to be their pet. I guess he wasn't pet enough.... All jokes aside (not that any jokes have been told), stay clear, unless you are willing to do some serious brown nosing...