Tamar Lando

Jan 2021

Clearly didn’t want to be there, rarely remembered to start recording, rarely remembered to upload slides on time, not friendly or amenable to questions (sometimes even weirdly threatened by questions). Overall a careless, unapproachable, and slightly hostile professor. Would not recommend it.

Dec 2020

Philosophy major here: I loved her!!! She made the material so approachable!! Also very accomodating considering not only the pandemic but all other personal circumstances. I wish I took her class in non-covid times because I think it would have been one of my favorite courses at Columbia, but over zoom, there was just a disconnect (for me, nothing Professor Lando could have done; she was the best). Also, many people from the major had "warned" me about her and the class. IDK what any of them were talking about; she is one of the least intimidating faculty members in the department.

Dec 2020

Tamar Lando is very professional, and her expectations are super clear. The weekly readings, the lectures, the weekly problem sets, and the recitation sections ALL cover the same material, so you have a ton of chances to learn however you learn best. The lectures are a little dry, and there isn't much discussion, but honestly, I preferred it that way. You learn what you need & you don't waste time. I never did the readings unless I had trouble with the problem sets, but they were a good reference when I needed them. Because the expectations are so clear (everything is exactly like it is in the syllabus), she's very strict on deadlines. Oh, and this is a great class for online learning if you're busy. All the lectures are recorded, and you also have the textbook pdf, so if you can't attend at the time that's fine, you should still be able to look back easily & complete the problem sets without any trouble.

Jan 2017

This was an interesting class that treated logic from a mathematical perspective. In that this was a math class, I appreciated the formality and precision with which Lando presented proofs. Each proof was done rigorously and convincingly, perhaps sometimes to a fault. Overall, the class was very understandable and appropriately detailed. The material itself followed the first half of Enderton exactly. We covered set theory and notation, recursive definitions and inductive proofs, sentential logic, and first order logic. Most of the results were fairly straightforward, easy to prove, but interesting insofar as their interpretation. The last few classes were used to prove completeness and compactness of a deductive system, which is a non-trivial result with a lot of interesting implications. This was certainly the most exciting part of the class.

Dec 2016

Pretty easy class. If you stay on top of your work the material isn't difficult. Go to class, go to the recitations. Don't get complacent in the early part of the semester, it gets tough pretty suddenly. Professor Lando is good, and the slides are good prep for the exams. The exams were significantly easier than the problem sets. The median for the midterm was 82, and the median for the problem sets was 80-83.

Dec 2016

I disagree on nearly every point with the previous reviewer. Tamar is an excellent and dedicated instructor and simply expects the same from her students, if you are not passionate about the material, do not take the course. If you ask her questions about the material without having first read it, you will obviously be frustrated when you subsequently do not understand her explanations either, there are no tricks here, it will be the most logical course you have ever taken. On the other hand, abstract ideas are not going to simply be handed to you in digestible form, effort is necessary. I had the privilege of stumbling into the course and now have an immensely powerful analytic tool that I will have for the rest of my life. I encourage every one to read a little about what logic is and its centrality in philosophy and the sciences before committing to the course. One complaint: Gaifman's book has very esoteric notation

Feb 2015

By far the worst class and worst professor I have had at Columbia. Tamar Lando, while an intelligent woman, did not make the material understandable or approachable. Even from the first day, she had this holier-than-thou attitude and told the class that they'd all be bad at the subject, no matter how smart they were. Avoid Tamar Lando. She is a horrible professor and an unsympathetic individual.