Noah Shannon

Jul 2017

I took "University Writing: Contemporary Essays" with Shannon my freshman year, and I believe it was his first time teaching the class. Even though he seems pretty young, I was extremely impressed with his maturity and teaching style. He was a very engaging lecturer, got everyone in the class to bond with each other, gave funny examples, and still was a very effective writing teacher. Best of all was that he was an actual published writer for the New York Times Magazine, so you could literally feel the passion he had for amazing opening lines and tiny character details as he ranted about why they made such an effect on the reader. He doesn't give A's unless you are a truly brilliant writer, which I think is the source of resentment for a lot of kids (especially in engineering) who want to just breeze by without giving a lot of effort. But he is fair, and will offer as much help as you need. The entire grade is based on 4 essays that go through multiple drafts, and he holds office hours in the writing center. If you are an English major or want to be published someday, you will love him as a professor. However, even if you're not amazing in his class, he will still treat you with the same respect as a kid who's obsessed with writing. 10/10 would recommend, and I'm not an English major.

Apr 2016

Noah is very enthusiastic and friendly but an incredibly harsh grader, very reluctant to give out As, and not a great teacher. I didn't learn anything in his class, but I suffered from the tedious amount of work and substantial criticism he gave my essays. His classes are often confusing and he is young and arrogant. Would not recommend taking his class if possible.