Banu Baydil

May 2021

This class went quick and we had to do a lot of self teaching from the book, but it wasn't that bad. The problem sets were time-consuming but there were only four of them. The midterm and exam were open note and we had like a week to do them (though this might be a Zoom school thing), which was really really nice. Prof Baydil was really nice and clearly wanted us to understand the material. She also pushed the group work because she wanted us to make friends, which was fun(ny). The final project gave good experience in conducting actual statistical analysis. I definitely recommend this class.

Apr 2021

It may be because I took AP Statistics in high school so I knew what was going on, but I only went to maybe 3 lectures for the entire semester and got an A. Just do the homeworks and group project and you'll be fine... The midterm and final were take home because of zoom classes, and weren't too hard. Yes, Professor Baydil has a lecture voice and style that will put you to sleep, but don't worry, it's pretty easy material.

May 2020

I'm gonna go ahead and say it: she's amazing. I don't know why some of the other reviews were so mean. She is so sweet, caring. Very approachable and understanding at office hours. I thought she did a really good job with her lectures especially with such dry material. She loves to do fun group exercises and "networking" is a big part of the class and you even make friends!! She loves when students participate and is such a sweetheart. When the semester was cut-short because of COVID-19 she was very accommodating and made the second exam and final optional as long as you passed the first. The only in class exam we had was super easy. I really miss her and would love to take more classes with Prof. Baydil. Finally, a good stats professor!!!!!!!!!! It is an 8:40 but worth it. Take her if you have the chance!!!! (This was regular intro to stats 1101 btw).

Sep 2018

The biggest statistically irreconciliable paradox here is that this woman puts you to sleep with an abnormally shrill voice. Her slides are ripped off from the textbook and she takes breaks during lecture by having us think about things. Don't take unless a gun is held to your head

Jul 2018

Baby Baydils class will break you. Be prepared for a grueling semester of cutting edge statistics and the expectations of a graduate level course. Popquizs will fly at you from every angle when absolutely no one has done the reading or agrees to answer Banu’s irritating questions like “what is a variable?” Or “do you like statistics?” I don’t fucking know banu!!! You teach me damn it!!! Then when times are tough and finals are near, she goes for the jugular. Banu will assign an entire stat report in the last week of classes. Unsure how to complete this assignment? It’s made harder by the fact that their are absolutely no guidelines. So get ready for a garbage dump of words to be thrown on paper (and of course labeled on some charts). Yes the professor wants pie AND bar charts! That shit don’t come cheap. Just thought I’d give you an inside look at this class, as to quote a close friend “i thought she was gonna stab me when said the wrong standard deviation.”

Apr 2015

Took her stats with calc class...worst decision of my life. She is absolutely awful. Every class is her reading a powerpoint of slides that the book has provided. She reads them verbatim. Doesn't teach shit. Never have i ever been less inspired by a person to learn and more inspired to copy homeworks. She's just damn awful in every sense. Super nice and is probably super cool outside of class but she will screw you over. Gives a problem set once a week, super long and very hard. Copy it online or you'll get a shitty grade. heres the thing...she USED to be cool. she used to be the best...take home midterms, 100% on homework upon minor completion but the school got on her back for giving out too many A's so she had to crack down and she cracked down hard. Offers no help whatsoever in anything. If you have no stats background prior to this class, get a tutor ASAP or drop it, take an intro class with a bunch of very basic concepts and then take this class for the major requirement. If you go into this blind you get a bad grade.

Jan 2015

Banu. Banu. Banu. The best and worst teacher you will ever have. Note: She will most likely not be able to run her class the same way. The department will probably make her grade differently. Unless someone tried really really hard, I doubt there were any Bs in her class. But for our class, which was her first class at Columbia, it was beautiful. Two midterms and a final, but she will drop your lowest out of the three. Our first two midterms were take-home, with extra credit, and many questions copied right from the book. Most of the class did not even go to the final. Homework also easy and mostly from the book with lots of extra credit. Annoying group project at the end but if you showed even the slightest amount of effort (turning in a draft), you were set. EASY EASY EASY. This class helped my GPA incredibly. For the downside, you will not learn any Stat. We spent the first month and a half on chapters 1-2. So she was stuck "teaching" the really difficult material incredibly quickly. (Today class, we will do chapters 5,6, and 7). Because of her grading policy, no one bothered to learn anything after the midterms. And since they were take home midterms, no one bothered to learn anything anyways. You're screwed for econometrics.

Jan 2015

I found Professor Baydil to be a kind, generous instructor who recognizes that W1111 is an introductory course and does not try to push her students too hard. Baydil often responded to student requests for extra time with problem sets positively, and was open to changing dates as students requested. I highly recommend this course - while the class was dull at best, it was not hard to get an A, and Baydil was pleasant and responsive to student queries. If you speak occasionally and sit in the front/middle, she will favor you and will be incredibly friendly. Not a challenging course for non-math/science majors.

Dec 2014

Professor Baydil is such a sweet and approachable professor. She is lovely and is undoubtedly intelligent. She knows how to express the content and does not leave her office hours until every question in the room is answered. Take her class. She'll make sure you know the content and is completely fair with testing the material. If you attend lectures, (and you should, attendance is a huge chunk of the grade), do the problem sets, and review for the tests, you're solid.

Nov 2014

Pros: Banu Baydil seems like a nice enough person and seems to care about her students. She is open to students' feedback (for example, if you think the homework assignment should be pushed back or in one case that class should be cancelled) and isn't strict at all -- she even told us she didn't care what we did in class as long as we didn't bother our classmates. She curves the class a lot (according to her, she gives As to 1/3 of the class and Bs to 1/3 to 1/2). Cons: She takes a really really long time to return assignments. She isn't a very good lecturer and she uses the book's powerpoints, so if you don't understand the book's way of explaining it you'll have a hard time. That said, I didn't undersand/almost fell asleep most times in class (don't take it at 8:40am!) but by reading the textbook I figured out the material. If you're looking for a fairly un-rigorous stats class with a pretty easy-going professor, Banu Baydil's class is probably your best bet.