Sneha Desai

Dec 2014

Don't take her class. I am even angry at myself for wasting my time to write a review about her. Don't assume that her sections are easy-- even if it is, she's not a good teacher. Late Late feedbacks ( - Giving feedbacks from previous progression, 2 days before the next progressions's final draft is due-- some of my peers even did not hear back). Very inflexible office hours. Very irritable as well.

Nov 2014

This Professor is THE WORST PROFESSOR EVER. She would never give review on your essays, she will give feedback after you the deadline, she is so confusing. Your class will grow a bond after hating her for 3 months. You will not get an A, because A is for people who can write like Fitzgerald. Be prepared to never never get any feedback. She is often late, and will make you wait in class to compensate for the time loss, as if it was the class' fault. DO NOT CHOOSE THIS PROFESSOR. If you can, change it!!! it doesn't matter if you want to take a class and this one fits your schedule, DO NOT REGISTER FOR THIS!!!! worst. professor. ever.