Cindy Gorn

Nov 2014

Cindy Gorn is a very cool person and her classroom environment is one of mutual respect between her and her students. As a result, this is not a stressful class because Cindy is very understanding. Notice that this course is called GIS: Methods & Case Studies. I didn't really know what that meant when I enrolled, but it means that beyond learning the technical aspect of GIS, you read and discuss the process involved in making maps. It's not the most interesting thing to me, but it's definitely a respectable field that everyone can comment on in one way or another. Also, since this is an intro-level GIS class that focuses on the mapmaking process rather than purely results, if certain portions of your case studies (essentially labs) don't come out the way you intended, you only need to explain what happened. Overall, I am very happy that I took this course and so pleased that I waited to take this with Cindy. She is adjunct professor and I don't know how long she will be around, but if you get the opportunity to take this class from her, I definitely recommend it.